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A Pain-Free Tax Season

It’s that time of year again and you may be feeling the dread of tax seasons past. You have anxiety about what tax documents to gather and where you misplaced them. You are grabbing your small business’s bank and credit card statements and receipts to do a full year’s bookkeeping that you have neglected until now. You had made a resolution to do a better job at being organized this past year, but life just kept getting in the way. You are either on the go or exhausted. And hey, after a long winter we all just want to enjoy the summer and fall in our beautiful area of upstate New York.


Don’t despair, a pain-free tax season is within your grasp. Here is how: go mobile. Don’t look skeptically at me with your furrowed brow! You are only somewhat mobile. Yes, you talk, text, browse, shop and get your emails on your mobile device. What about collaborating with your tax and accounting professionals within a secure, private cloud computing environment?


Email is not safe for business. The IRS is admonishing everyone to avoid sharing their confidential documents over email which bounces from server to server around the world before it gets to your or someone’s inbox. Imagine leaving your back door unlocked all the time. Eventually, you may experience a theft, stolen identity or your data held for ransom.


Equus Advisors has invested in a solution called Liscio that replaces email and the old way of doing things. It has secure messaging, file sharing and storage, task tracking and a clutter-free modern online experience for our clients that helps us to serve you better. The only way you gain access to Liscio is through an emailed invitation from our firm. You accept the invitation and download the Liscio app from the App Store or Google Play. We can send you tasks and alert you to missing tax and bookkeeping documents. Scan them in with the Liscio app. Your documents and finalized tax return are stored within this secure application.


Can’t make it in to visit us in our Cortland or Ithaca office? We can do a video call through our Zoom application. The rest we can handle through Liscio. Convenient, effective, efficient. Clients who have used Liscio in the past year love the experience and so do we.


How can you get started? Go to our website at and and click on the “Get in Touch” buttom at the top right of our webpage. We will contact you and then send you an invitation to Liscio. Once you accept, our staff will help you get up and running with the application, which can also be accessed on your computer through the “Client Center” button at the top of our webpage. Now you are ready to work conveniently with us for all of your tax, bookkeeping, payroll and advisory needs.


Have a Happy New Year!