Nigel VanderWoude - Technology Trainer

Nigel has spent the last two years teaching the English language in Italy representing the United States as a Fulbright Scholar and in China at a technical university. During his time in Italy, he also taught business professionals one-on-one the English language. Given the need to train Equus Advisors clients on using the secure communications and accounting applications our firm is using, Nigel will be providing this service for our firm.]

Nigel received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University with honors in all subjects. He majored in linguistics and completed minors in French and creative writing. He has enjoyed learning many languages since elementary school and can converse with a wide range of peoples from around the world. He has traveled extensively in Europe and Asia. In addition to his languages, Nigel enjoys creative writing, drawing and music. He was active in leadership and public speaking roles while at Cornell and sang as a tenor with the Cornell Glee Club.

During his time in college, Nigel regularly worked at Long Point Winery in Aurora, NY in their tasting room, vineyard and winery operations. He also has helped Equus Advisors with implementing new technology applications. 


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