In Memory of John Watkins, Tax Advisor

John passed away suddenly on February 2, 2018. We miss him. The following is a biography of John we have used on our website:

John makes his home in Groton, New York with his wife, Janet, and helps her with her giftshop and Hallmark Gold Crown store, Brittany Station, located on Main Street. For many years, he operated Groton Tax Service out of the same store until retiring in 2014. Many of his former clients are now being served by Equus Advisors.

Upon graduating from the University North Texas, John began his accounting career in Texas becoming a Certified Public Accountant there. He has worked for a variety of companies including G.E., Neiman-Marcus, Target, Inc., K-tel International and NYSEG.

Even though he is retired, you cannot keep a good accountant down. John enjoyed his yearly interactions with his tax clients and he still serves many of them through Equus Advisors on a seasonal basis.

An Arkansas native, John began his college education there and is an avid Arkansas Razorbacks fan, returning there for fraternity reunions. He enjoyed motorcycling for many years and while he no longer rides, he still enjoys hearing and sharing stories.

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