Progressive Communications With Your Tax Accountant

Peter VanderWoude, MS, CPA, CGMA

February 15, 2018

After 75 years of serving tax, bookkeeping and payroll clients in downtown Cortland, Equus Advisors Tax and Accounting Professionals are moving on from only printing paper documents. It is not just us, every business that wants to maintain or grow their operations must be able to serve clients that want the convenience of mobile technology. The “Cloud” is no longer the new thing, it is the core of how you monitor your finances and communicate with your bank, doctors, insurance agencies, stores and, yes, progressive accounting and tax firms.    

For security purposes, Equus Advisors uses a secure file exchange application called “Liscio” to get communications and file sharing off email. Using email is like leaving the back door to your house unlocked. You are taking it on faith that your private information will not be intercepted. Equus Advisors is not willing to take that risk.

Using Liscio is cool. We invite you to the application. You download the app to your phone or access it on your iPad or computer. You send us your tax documents within Liscio and we let you know if we need anything else to prepare your taxes. A 1099-DIV missing? You get a notification on your phone to open Liscio and find out what we need. Scan it in with your phone and send it to us within Liscio. Quick, simple. When your taxes are complete, your phone will tell you. If it is not convenient to stop by our office in the McNeil building in downtown Cortland, we can handle everything through Liscio.

Place your digital tax return and source documents transferred to you through Liscio in your own private online portal such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Just ask any college student or young professional, they have been using their own portals for years. No more frustration with having to access multiple portals to get your information. Anything that you used to store in your file cabinet at home can be placed in your private portal. Still want paper tax returns from us? We will always provide them unless you request just digital copies.

While downtown Cortland is revitalizing building interiors and facades, professional service businesses are doing the same with their operations. The mark of a longtime Cortland business is personal service. While the way we accomplish our services to you has progressed, the human element of our services is what it has always been—insightful, helpful, warm and friendly. It’s what being a Cortland area business is all about! Check us out at


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